Case Study #3 – Hard Skills: NYU StartEd



Ask any professional what their greatest pain points are and any of the following will come up in a top 10 list: tension with team members regarding project management, goal setting and struggles with time management.

Knowing how much stress is relieved – and productivity gained – when issues around managing time and project processes are solved, we strongly urge our clients to offer their executives and staff this type of training. In an exercise we call Cause and Effect, team members create frameworks from which to organize their work flow. What becomes clear at the end of the exercise is how interdependent everyone is with each other.

Below are some of the many topics we focus on:

  • Project planning and workflow

  • Root causes of procrastination

  • How to organize one’s day to be more productive

  • Working in sprints and eliminating distractions

  • Team coordinated goal mapping

  • Designing time efficient, effective meetings

  • Clear communication

In late 2017, we worked with a group of startup education entrepreneurs in the NYU Steinhardt EDTech Accelerator program to help them identify how to make the most out of the program. We had attendees break down milestones into tasks to help them understand where automation could accelerate product development without losing quality. We also had everyone fill in a "time inventory" chart to help discover where they were losing precious time, where they could "buy back" time and where they needed to find more time for themselves to prevent burnout.