AIGA NY: The Future of Work 2018

The 2018 Future of Work series brings together designers, academics, and business owners to share insights on how the creative workforce must adapt to keep relevant in an ever changing economy. From developing enhanced leadership skills to understanding design as a business tool, creatives will learn to prepare and quickly adapt to the future workplace. Tickets: here

Shana Dressler
LMHQ: Bring Your Project To Life

Do you have an idea for a project you want to get off the ground? Whether on your own, or at your day job, have you gotten started but feel stuck because you’re not sure how to move forward and bring it to life?

Whether you're tasked with building an innovative project or program within your existing company, have an idea for a book you’ve always wanted to publish, need an e-commerce site to sell products you create, or want to convene a network of like-minded women, you'll need to understand how to take the necessary steps to build a strategy to make your passion project a reality. Tickets: here

Shana Dressler
Carlos Navato Podcast: Shana Dressler

In this conversation with Carlo, Shana gives a very personal, visceral and searingly honest insight into her life, her love of travel and cultural exploration and how she switched her professional focus from personal goals to supporting emergent businesses seeking to effect socially progressive and positive change in the world. To listen to the podcast, click here.

99u: The Future of Design – How to Prepare for It

“The more a designer understands how the business works, the more valuable they will be to employers. Designers who understand a company’s value proposition and mission can help them thrive and grow. They just need to learn the language that someone who is running a company actually speaks. When they can articulate exactly what they bring to the table, executives will realize that they didn’t just hire a designer — they also hired a strategist!”

— Shana Dressler, Executive Director of 30 Weeks How to Get from Idea to Launch in 30 Weeks

These days there are plenty of incubator programs promising an express ride for founders from fuzzy idea to the promised land of venture capital. But of the options, very few have targeted designers, recognizing the unique skill set that design practitioners bring to the world of entrepreneurship. In 2014, Google Creative Lab set out to change that by setting up 30 Weeks, a hybrid incubator and education program with support from the continuing education organization Hyper Island. 

Shana Dressler