The NYC Innovation Collective is a nonprofit alliance comprised of New York’s top incubators, accelerators and innovation programs focused on tech, media, education, fintech, fashion, education, health, travel and social impact. 

The idea for such a network came to me while I was running Google’s incubator for design entrepreneurs called 30 Weeks. With issues like long-term financial sustainability, curriculum design, and strong mentorship on my mind, I invited a network of professionals leading programs to share knowledge, resources, and insights over the course of at year at the 30 Weeks studio. Eight of my colleagues joined me to form the core leadership interested in taking the network to the next level. In January of 2017 we became a 501c6 nonprofit organization. Our community includes 90+ leadership-level decision makers whose organizations represent thousands of startups based locally, nationally and internationally. Our mission is to shape and strengthen the innovation ecosystem through increased collaboration, transparency and access in the new economy. We offer support to our members by convening gatherings, producing events and sharing resources pertaining to funding sources, curriculum building, economic growth and leadership training.

See the Forbes article by Rosemarie Truman about us: "What It Takes To Create An Enduring Entrepreneurial Ecosystem"