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Turquoise is a creative leadership consultancy which designs bespoke programs for Fortune 500 companies, creative businesses and social impact organizations. We believe that business and culture transformation are achieved when companies invest in leadership development, team building, innovation training, and both hard and soft skills. In the new economy, where startups are disrupting legacy companies and new technologies constantly challenge how we work and live, it’s clear that a new set of skills and proficiencies must be mastered by leaders, managers and teams. In the World Economic Forum 2016 Future of Jobs Report and the 2018 Future of Jobs Report the authors predict that for The Fourth Industrial Revolution, in addition to technical skills, soft skills like creativity, emotional intelligence, empathy, collaboration and active listening will be key. Given this we have developed soft skills training to complement our offerings. 



No matter the client or industry, we see over and over again that the most impactful learning journeys are highly collaborative and experience driven.

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Creative Leadership

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Triggers, Knee Jerk Reactions + Landmines


Innovation Training

  • Think Like a Startup: Innovation Training for Corporates

  • Finding Innovative Ideas from Within Your Company


Hard Skills

  • Project Time Management

  • Time Management

Team Training

  • It’s Killing Me to Work With You

  • Coaching Millennials


Design Thinking + Human Centered Design

  • High level strategy

  • New program development

  • New product development

  • Internal capacity building


Soft Skills

  • The Art of Facilitation

  • Conflict Resolution

Company Culture

  • The No Asshole Rule

  • Creating a Culture of Curiosity and Resilience 



  • Using the Power of Storytelling to Create Impact

  • How to Design and Deliver an Effective Meeting


Bespoke Offerings

  • Custom Designed Programs

  • Team Retreats




Turquoise is comprised of a network of professionals and trainers with deep knowledge in leadership development, team building, innovation, human centered design and design thinking, business development, change management and executive coaching. We are entrepreneurs + artists, mavericks + misfits, we have BAs, BFAs, MAs, MFAs, MBAs from America’s top universities. Degrees aside, we have equally impressive victories – and battle wounds – from the startup and corporate world and top honors from world class institutions for our work. Our old-fashioned manners make us a delight to work with.


We also offer custom bootcamps and offsite retreats. For more information: